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Monday, 26 September 2016

D-Compost - On The Crush EP

Daylight Robbery Records is excited to welcome back D-Compost with his ‘On The Crush' EP. After previously remixing Matteo Floris on DRR029, D-Compost brings his sound once again to the label. With releases on labels like Toolroom, Nurvous, Armada Music to name a few, D-Compost returns to DRR delivering his eclectic sound that reaches out and touches on a huge array of influences.

From the depths of iconic house music labels Nervous Records & King Street Sounds, comes Brooklyn’s innovative dance music duo Renegade Masters. After releasing on SOUP NYC Records it is time for the duo to bring their taste from NYC to ‘On The Crush' with their remix and we are really happy to welcome them to the label.

Dimmish - Gokotta EP

Bla Bla, Deep Tech Records and Baile Musik artist Dimmish is the latest up and comer to be nurtured through the Lucidflow family with the 'Gokkota' EP. The three tracker easily fits into the portfolio with its penchant for sharp beats and deep melodies. This is evidenced in heading straight to the title track, where a stark introduction eventually unfurls like time-lapse imagery of a crocus at sunrise. Here, the middle stretch suddenly broadens into pleading arpeggio and strings, tugging at your emotions as the sound of seagulls filter in.
Living up to its title, 'Solid' heads straight for bedrock. It is a percussive churning number that aims to disorientate with its dizzying breakdown that turns into a swarm of hi-hats before diving back down into the hypnosis. Rounding off, 'Elision' goes for progressive structure, eking out the introduction of elements as the track pushes on. The path is set with breakbeats and aqua chords, then the anchoring kick is introduced, then greater emphasis on melodic elements. The key conceit are the flourishes that precede these micro-events, most significantly with the swells that accompany the disorientating spoken word poetry in the breakdowns.

Dimmish's 'Gokotta' hits the stores on 31st October 2016

System 5 - Reflection EP

APL09  (Apollo Music Group)

Release Date: Friday 21 October 2016 

Format: Digital 

01. Obsession 
02. Move With Me 
03. Reflection 
04. Reflection (Rob Mello's No Ears Dub) 

Apollo Music Group is a new audio venture between Chicago’s Dan X, DJ Heather and Bristol’s Lil’ Mark. Many will recognize DJ Heather from her seminal Fabric 21 mix CD and OM Records compilations, as Dan and Mark also come with a proven musical pedigree with releases on labels like Classic and Music For Freaks. 

This new release is the debut single from “System 5” which is a new production alias from Apollo label man Dan X, who may be better known for being one half of both groups "No Assembly Firm" and "Dirty Sole".

Under his other monikers, Dan has worked for an extensive list of the industry’s most premier labels, including Classic, Robsoul, Aroma and Doubledown. Respected for a timeless sound, System 5 delivers everything you would expect from a man with such a proven track record.. 

Also featuring on the release is a remix from Rob Mello, a highly regarded British artist with a career that spans over a decade and a half. Along with headlining many of the world’s top club events, he has also made seminal releases for labels including Crosstown Rebels, Classic Music Company and Rekids. 

First on the EP is “Obsession” that has a master-crafted shuffle to the groove and a stuttering acid line, where the rush of warm pads are off set with piercing synth stabs. Already filled with drama and a sense of epic wonder, the tracks vocal sample and gentle conga hit are the icing and cherry on this sweet and delicious cut of timeless House music. 

“Move With Me" is the second original track. Rising pads played with jerking notation enhance the flutter of a two note melody and bass stabs. Finished off with a tribal percussion and crunching claps, the track is filled with summer vibes tailor made for sunshine and terrace parties. 

Track three titled “Reflection” has a morphing acid line layered between a variety of pads that change as the track develops. Some pads are smooth and gliding, others are dramatic stabs, but each is perfectly placed to provide maximum momentum. Combining this with the tracks jacking groove makes it distinctly individual and tailored to the dancefloor. 

The Rob Mello remix of “Reflection” finishes off the EP as track four on the release, which focuses on the originals jacking groove, has added cosmic flair. With a looped groove, Rob makes subtle use of the originals acid line and focuses things round a breezy synth part. More upbeat with added tension and funk, this is arguably a masterclass in how to put your personal stamp on a remix.

Yzi - Vento EP

Yzi is always giving unpredictable atmosphere in her mixes and production, but it's always a matter of conceptual techno, dub, minimal and house music joining classical instruments. Full of lyric notes, but groovy at the same time. Say no to commercial, say yes to underground!

Piaab - Rolling EP

And finally here we present you the next EP of PIAAB! 2 original tracks with fantastic solid tech house old school groove inside! This Spanish talent return on Old School Department with his fantastic style. This is 'Rolling EP' with an exclusive remix of 'Rolling' by another Spanish talent: Lorenzo Navarro! Another floor filler pack ready for your next set, don’t miss it!

Release date: 24 of october 2016 on all stores.

Nozen - Secret EP

We are very excited to present another French dj and producer called Nozen. Inspired by his various travels around the globe, he started to produce music young. After many years of activity with the Octogone collective, he decided in 2013 to start a new solo project Nozen. He launched in 2014 the "Reset Paris" parties, aiming to book underground international artists in order to make this movement discovered by the biggest number. Nozen is also teaming up with Marwan Sabb as Nozwan, working on the creation of their own label to promote the new talents they discovered. 

Beatport release date : 26.09.2016

S-Lap - Must Be Mine

For our next release we are very proud to present Egyptian born artist S-Lap with two original deep house tracks and three remixes from Meloder, Gon Laserna & JoC H and an edit from BiG AL.

'You Must Be Mine' is a gorgeous driving deep house track which is great for peak time. The track features beautiful vocals, melodies and tripped out stabs and sound effects. It definitely dances a thin line between deep house and progressive house. It is a unique and powerful beauty of a track which we are very excited to showcase.

The BiG AL edit is a shorter and more radio friendly version which is very true to the original.

On remix duty for this blaster of a track are Gon Laserna & JoC H with an edit from BiG AL.

'Universal Force' features beautiful guitars as well as S-Lap's signature melodic and driving sound.

Meloder provides a great remix of this tune which has a slightly more progressive and psychedelic feel and sound to it.

VA - Cufflinks & Bow Ties EP

Traxsource Promo: 
23 September 2016 Side A
30 September 2016 Side B

Worldwide Release: 
7 October 2016 Side A
14 October 2016 Side B

On the A-Side we start of with a track by Doug Gomez, who's no stranger to the label, and has previously released on Pocket Money, 124 Records, Offering & Frole. Followed by a track by the fast rising Irish duo called KoJam (Embezzlement Society's Steven Mahon & Andrew Johnston). Flip over to the B-Side where we find Roman Mühlschlegel from Karlsruhe. Label boss of Soul Estate and also one half of ODYSEA. He's had recent solo releases on Petra & Sinnmusik. Final track on this release comes from Cologne based The Verticals who's Stuggy Vibes EP from last year still does very well. An allround varied release showcasing what the label is all about.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Mick Verma - Get Up, Get Down & Free

This two track double A-Side release from Irish DJ & Producer Mick Verma contains two distinctive deep house tracks. 'Get Up, Get Down' is an uptempo track designed for the dancefloor showcasing the producers range and sound with his trademark grooves, keys and strings. On the remix of 'Free' the producer revisits and re-imagines one of his early releases, with a more laid back vibe and atmospheric feel this sublime version is ideal for those after hours sessions and is one of his finest productions to date.

Moti Brothers - Made In Hungary Vol.2

Artist: Moti Brothers
Title: Made In Hungary Vol.2 (Remixed)
Remixes by: Evgeny | Analog Trip | Kakes | Savvas | Rishi K. | Tim Andresen | MarcSoul | Tamandua Twist | Tibor Dragan | EKE
Cat #: CDRMR009RMX
Label: Ready Mix Records

Release Date: 
October 3rd 2016 (Beatport Exclusive) 
October 17th 2016 (Worldwide)

Release Info: 

We're back to bring you the 'Remixed' Edition of Moti Brothers' super hot album 'Made In Hungary Vol.2' which received great reviews and support from across the globe. 

After 4 highly successful single releases, the time has come to put out all ten remixes in one awesome package. 

We've gathered some of the coolest producers from around the world to grace us with their re-works. Evgeny, Analog Trip, Kakes, Savvas, Rishi K., Tim Andresen, MarcSoul, Tamandua Twist, Tibor Dragan and Eke have all delivered top notch remixes. 

We're confident that you'll find the right sound for your vibe.