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Monday, 13 February 2017

Khillaudio - Cut Your Grass EP

Labelhead Khillaudio revisits his track 'Cut Your Grass' released in 2014 on the now defunct Antelope Records. On this release you'll find a remastered original along with 3 stunning remixes by Platzdasch, Harrison BDP and Phasen. The combination of these mixes makes for a nice and varied total package encompassing lots of different shades of house. 

Traxsource Promo: 17 February 2017
Worldwide Release: 3 March 2017

VA - Fresh Juice Pt 3

We are proud to present our third Fresh Juice edition on BM120. This time we are brining amazing package of tracks by Deaf Pillow, duo based in Peru and deeply involved in South American underground dance scene. They have been members of tINI and Gang, Get Physical, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch and Baile Musik. A side is closed by new face on Baile Musik, Marco Cassanelli is now considered one of the most important house djs and producers in the south of Italy. He is also the producer of the worldwide claimed compilation project "Torquemada".album New Sensations, Deafening Silence, Alone, Lo Hango Con Baja, Angels in the kitchen, The Battle oF The Butterflies, Deep complex. Our resident Claudia Amprimo and Yaroslav Lenzyak are filling the B side with their characteristic productions filled with deep groove and strong bass lines. 

BEATPORT exclusive : 27.02.2017

Nadja Lind - Tribe Dub

Lucidflow make a ninth journey onto wax with label co-owner Nadja Lind's 'Tribe Dub', and no punches have been pulled with the array of top drawer remixers on board featuring Brendon Moeller, Tigerskin & Jack Jenson, and Terry Lee Brown Junior - plus an additional digital only remix from Brendon Moeller in Beat Pharmacy guise. 
Nadja's original fires on all cylinders with a frantic sub-bass assault that isn't going to be happy unless your lungs have been thoroughly bruised by a main room's speaker stack. As the bass tumbles, phasing dub stabs gracefully arc into the stratosphere and back again. 
Production veteran Brendon Moeller steps up first on the mix with an interpretation that plays on the dancing dub elements of the original. A bare percussive anchor runs through the track allowing the rest of the elements to waltz around it in a shimmying and synchronised display. As Beat Pharmacy, Brendon goes straight for the techno jugular, rolling out crackling hi-hats and a straighter groove that stretches out like taut elastic.
Usually present under the Dub Taylor guise, Tigerskin adopts his main identity in tandem with Jack Jenson to bring a bit of dreaminess to the dance floor thunder of the original. Here, the elements are whispered, like the hush of walking out on a first light and frost covered morning. As the frozen pads thaw out, you emerge from the countryside into the hustle and bustle of the city, with apt field samples layering over the subtle and insistent groove.
Plastic City head honcho Terry Lee Brown Jnr is given the task of tackling Nadja's stellar 'Ignore And Block'. Like Tigerskin & Jack Jenson before it, the theme here is frozen melodies over precisely deployed percussion. Anyone familiar with his work will immediately find them at home in the deep-but-tech groove laid out over the track.

Coming out in 22nd Feb. 2017, the release will surface on smouldering orange marbled vinyl. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Fabio Papa - One Of Those Nights EP

The beauty of “ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS” can be found in the blend of simplicity and functionality. Both tunes are outlined by an almost brutal reduction to the core elements. carefully selected sounds that are arranged in a highly effective sequence of patterns - that is the definition of FABIO PAPA's music. His long time experience as a live performer is reflected directly in his productions. “it doesn't take a lot of elements to get a perfect groove” he states, “but without groove, there is no fire on the dancefloor”. 
The record gets topped off by two powerful remixes by ANDER and the F.E.M ENSEMBLE.

Release date: February 15th 2017 

Format: Vinyl + Digital

Rick Wade - Heads Only

Rick Wade‘s name has transmitted far and wide from his Detroit home base, garnering heaps of global acclaim for his prolific, high quality output and mercilessly deep and underground DJ sets. In 1998 Rick graced the Viva Recordings catalog with The Harmonie Project EP, a still sought-after classic for the label. Now Rick makes a welcome return to the Viva family with his Heads Only two-tracker, featuring the warm, layered house music that this legendary producer is known for.

“Heads Only” starts things off with a bouncy four-on-the-floor and a strong vocal exclamation that is the track’s cornerstone. Moody strings and pads flow over the rhythm as an ascending bass line pleasingly rattles the speakers. There’s also a perfect ‘lose yourself in the music’-style breakdown to experience. The release’s b-side, “Anger Component”, lowers the tempo just a tad as it raises the funk level. Chiming chords ring over skippy beats, and ambiguous melody transforms into string sample stabs and a gentle horn riff. This cut is reminiscent of some of the finest moments on Rick’s own Harmonie Park label, and intersects nicely with Viva Recordings’ own trademark sound. This single delivers the goods. 

Label and Artist Links:

2VILAS - Numbers EP

Release date: March 2017

Next up on Organic from Ibiza’s hottest duo at the moment : 2VILAS, Making waves in the island, they deliver a set of 4 solid house cuts for our 15th vinyl release. Straightforward slamming analogue stories full of depth and groove . This is serious dancefloor heat. 

Don’t sleep on this one, limited Press.

Joe Sheriff - Good Reaction EP

Release date: Feb 24th 2017

Joe Sheriff confirms his debut Good Reaction EP, released through new East London collaborative label, Holiday Pay Records. The release will be a the first of a string of monthly releases planned for Joe Sheriff in 2017.

Joe Sheriff draws on inspiration from old school UK Grarage, Deep house and contemporary UK club sounds, as well as a genuine love for pop hooks.The project came to life in 2016 out of the ashes of pop band, Waylayers (SXSW top 5 bands of 2015 by Fuse.TV, supported by Huw Stephens Radio 1, charted Number 1 on US iTunes Electronic Chart, and named ‘Track of the Day’ by Q Magazine and Line of Best Fit), as a means to release music directed squarely at the dance floor.

Joe Sheriff is the co-founder of collaborative label, Holiday Pay Records. The label was formed with pop artist, Blakey to show the world new material from their respective projects, and as a means to collaborate freely with other musicians and creatives in London and around the world.

VA - Sonic Sounds Vol. 4

We are proud to present the next in the compilation series with Sonic Sounds Vol. 4 featuring four hot original mixes from Deep Active Sound, Alexander Saykov & La Rose, Campaner and Gurhan.

The compilation kicks off with a super deep track from veteran deep house producers Alexander Saykov & La Rose called 'Old Fashion'. The track is sumptuous and sensual featuring beautiful stabs, and pads creating a large ambient deep house cut. Spacious and deep, this track will please all connoisseurs of the deep house genre.

Next up is a slightly more driving track from the well-established deep house producer Deep Active Sound with 'Speedway'. In traditional Deep Active Sound style, the track features a driving bassline, tripped out percussion, chopped vocals, and large super deep filter stabs. As always Deep Active Sound does not disappoint and the production is top notch with details certain to please anyone with a discerning ear.

The third track in the pack is from Turkish deep house producer Gurhan. With great releases on labels such as DeepClass Records and Itom Records, Gurhan is doing a wonderful job of contributing top quality production to the underground deep house scene. This track is no exception, and with its expansive house chords, vast percussions, beautiful vocals and progressive melody, will get you grooving.

The fourth and final cut on this compilation comes from a collaboration between Spanish artists Campaner and Gaol. 'Pink Box' is a carefully crafted tune with a pumping beat and bassline great for bringing the energy level up a notch on the dance floor. Halfway through the track, super trippy chords make a welcome appearance alongside chopped vocals bringing the track to a crescendo of deepness.

ZaVen - Ship On The Horizon EP

Artist: ZaVen
Title: Ship On The Horizon EP
Remixes by: Spring Reason & Below Bangkok | Deeper System
Cat #: SRMR166
Label: Ready Mix Records

Release Date: 
February 13th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
February 27th 2017 (Worldwide)

Release Info:

Our 166th release comes courtesy of ZaVen who debuts on the label with his 'Ship On The Horizon EP' containing two Original tracks 'Ship On The Horizon' and 'Indi'.

With previous releases appearing on some great labels such as Manyoma Records, DeepWit Recordings, Deep Clicks and Itom Records to name but a few, ZaVen is certainly no stranger to the global Deep House circle. 

Both tracks are profound, lush and modern with a pronounced old school vibe that works perfectly during the long winter nights!

On remix duties, we have Spring Reason & Below Bangkok back with us while we also welcome Deeper System's debut on Ready Mix Records. 

Two-S - Distance

Released on our 'Haute Collection Vol.2' VA. Compilation back in April 2016, 'Distance' by Two-S gets its own single release that includes two brand new remixes courtesy of Andrey P. & Spring Reason and ZaVen.

With major support coming from guys like BiG AL, Deephope, Igor Gonya, La Rose, Terry Vernixx, Last Of Me and MarcSoul to name but a few, the Original Mix is a modern, smooth and groovy deep house jam with a laid back 90's vibe.