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Monday, 5 December 2016

VA - Wind Horse Sampler 6

Stalvart John - ''A Dream That I Can't Remember''
David Marston - ''Ragamuffin''
Igor Gonya - ''Morning Cake And Tea''
Farhan Rehman - ''Cyclic''
Master Kenton - ''Brain Waves''
Hans Seance - ''Paragon Of Virtue''
Folic State - ''Mashita''
Synister - ''Eastern Dream''
Tatsama - ''Empathy''
Tasnneem - ''It Was All Just A Dream''
Troja - ''Shanti (Kali G Remix)''

Wind Horse Records bursts forth once again with another edition of the Indian deep house label’s yearly sampler series. These samplers have served as an exciting platform for showcasing Wind Horse’s more experimental side and to introduce some new producers that will be working with the label. Wind Horse Sampler 6 features eleven deep and exotic house music tracks from up-and-coming artists hailing from South Asia and around the world.

Most of the sampler’s producers are based across India, as Wind Horse works to discover and expose electronic music from within its home country. But, as the label has an eye on the global house movement, artists from Jamaica (David Marston), Russia (Igor Gonya), South Africa (Master Kenton) and Morocco (Kali G) are also included. Wind Horse aims to cover all points of the globe, to show that forward-thinking electronic music can spring from any city or country, whether from somewhere in India or any other as-yet-revealed locale.

Stalvart John opens the compilation on a thoughtful note with “A Dream I Can’t Remember”, setting the mood for this diverse sampler with an ethereal yet somewhat jazzy soundscape. Then on “Ragamuffin” David Marston blends his deep house proclivity with an Indian influence, introducing a siren-like ‘eastern’ female vocal to the swinging four-on-the-floor beats. Igor Gonya (Lisztomania Records) delivers an old school Chicago-sounding house cut named “Morning Cake And Tea”, featuring enough skippy rhythms and staccato chords to get the nightclub jumping. “Cyclic” is a contribution by Mumbai’s Farhan Rehman, and it’s a rolling house number with floaty keys, vocal hits, and creaking percussion. Master Kenton keeps things firmly in his pocket with the mesmerizing “Brain Waves”, a track that touches the sonic pleasure center using its sublime textures. Next up is Hans Séance with the deep and especially dreamy “Paragon of Virtue”. Warm pads, arpeggiations, and bell-like tones flow steadily above a subdued four-on-the-floor beat.

Folic State moves things into the techno realm with “Mashita” and its echoey synth lines, mysterious spoken samples, and sci-fi atmosphere. The growling tech-house of Bangalore’s Synister whose “Eastern Dream” brings a dark mood utilizing busy percussion, transformed vocal hits, and a prominent low end. Tatsama’s “Empathy” follows, with a taste of the deep, exquisitely layered, and punchy house music that Wind Horse is known for. The ‘dream’ theme is revisited by Tasnneem, who states “It Was All Just A Dream” in her bass-heavy but gentle house music exploration. Finally, Wind Horse Records’ own Kali G tackles Troja’s recent track “Shanti”, going for a dubby treatment that plays with splashes of percussion and echoed instrumentation to create a satisfying aural journey.

Wind Horse Sampler 6 continues the high production quality, ambitious musicality, and deep beats that is the label’s hallmark. The collection sets up the fantastic releases yet to come in the next year, and proves Wind Horse Records is one of the big labels to watch. 

Label and Artist Links:

Hernan Bass - Heartbreaker

Release Jan 16, 2017 

Baile Musik is proud to present new release by one of our residents Hernan Bass. From Buenos Aires, Hernan Bass is a well-known talented producer at the deep minimal global scene and founder of Krad Records. Until this day, he keeps playing at clubs from different countries as Germany, Belgica, Greece, Hungary, Argentina, Portugal, France, Cape Town, Johanesburg, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Italy, Spain(Ibiza) and rest of Europe, also many radio shows coming up. Labels like Innocent Music, Little Helpers, Baile Musik, Yoruba Grooves, Italo Bussines and more have released his music. 

Dunmore Park - At Midnight EP

Edmontonian Andrew Williams, the artist behind Dunmore Park, modestly describes his first offering on Substation Recordings as “quirky.” It’s his way of capturing the character that emerged from what he calls a blend of old world sound and new ideas.

From the old world there’s the classical, orchestral, and gospel undertones that Williams began gravitating to after immersing himself in music composition three years ago. A decade of DJing is where the new ideas stem from, with soulful house and downtempo atmospheres inspired by acts like Maribou State, Bonobo, Floating Points, and Nightmares On Wax. The scope of influences leaves each track open to numerous avenues of categorization.

With it’s airy bells, melodic build-ups, and soft percussive fills, “At Midnight” lies somewhere between indie electronica, downtempo, and lush deep house.

“Feels Right” is a house track that’s slow and captivating, with layers of deep melodies coming together to give a texture that’s both subdued and rich.

With “The Forest,” cinematic and orchestral are two descriptors that immediately come to mind. While a dominant bassline marches through the beat there’s woodwinds, strings and keys. There’s phrases with ominous futuristic sounds, and phrases with exhilarating rises, a shifting ambiance that easily makes this a track DJs will want to play the entire way through.

“Walk With Me” is another showing of Dunmore Park’s ability to deliver the unexpected with a blend of old and new, as this peak-time offering counts classic southern gospel music as one of its primary influences. The soaring vocal samples lifted from actual gospel work in concert with jack drums, squelchy acid-like synths, and booming horns to create a club track with an unprecedented character.

In essence, Dunmore Park is what happens when the brush of house music gets dipped into the paint of orchestral composition, then wielded by someone with a flair for experimentation.

Rishi K - Shadow Dancer

We are very excited to present to you a fresh single from Rishi K. with amazing remixes from Lucidflow label manager Nadja Lind and the great deep house producer Deep Active Sound.

The original mix of Shadow Dancer is a moving groove with a fluid bassline and great vocal hits along with Rishi K.'s signature melodic vibes.

Nadja Lind reworks the original and focuses on the bassline adding psychedelic synths bringing out a more tripped out but still deep version of the track.

Deep Active Sound's remix is a harder and more peak-time track focusing on the beat elements, alongside great use of Sound effects and vocal chops all creating a top deep house cut for peak times.

Clever Liboni - Go Through EP

Our boy is back on the block. Clever has released some of the most successful tracks of the last twelve months on Share and now he delivers another two dancefloor killers ready to rock the sound systems: '808' is all about big bassline, driving rhythm and an awesome synth lead. 'Go Through' follows a bouncy groove and well-chosen vocal sample becoming a bomb.

HateLate, Nasty Boy & Ricky Montanari - EP

A1. HateLate – Can’t Stop

The french talent Hatelate has delivered some serious vibes in the A side.

His track “Can’t stop” has some disco samples matched perfectly together that makes this cut so fresh and brilliant, it brings summer in every season of the year.

A2. Nasty Boy – Sky Jam

Italian underground talent Nasty Boy lands on Trend with his “Sky Jam”, full of dreamy pads and leads.

Acid, Chicago, Detroit influences makes this record unique in his style, Nasty Boy on the keys never disappoint.

B1 Ricky Montanari & Tone-On – I Believe (Do you?)

The old and new school together for the B side: Ricky Montanari and Tone-on.

Their track has a dirty 909 groove, old school swing and a killer bassline.

The main female vocal gives an amazing soul to the darkness of the instrumental part, club track to kill the dancefloor.

Sall & Antonio D'Africa - Breath

Andrea Pellizzari's Top Town Records reveal their latest signing from 2 upcoming Italian Tech House heads, Sall & Antonio D'Africa, who have combined their talents to create the potent 'Breath' single. A deep rhythmic undertow, teased with haunting Tech fermented pads and turbulent synth stabs that growl over a dark pulsating bass, make 'Breath' a prime moody cut for the late night smouldering floors. 
Sall, a.k.a. Salvatore Rossetti, is an Italian Dj and Producer, born in 1994 in Locri in the South of Italy. He met the world of the electronic music when he was fifteen. He started playing at a young age in some clubs around his town and the music, that became his passion, is now his life. The need for new inspirations made him move to Milan 2 years ago. Here he is exploring and experimenting all different kinds of music, from Tech-house to Techno passing through Deep-house and Deep-tech, in the attempt to create his own style. Currently studying Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute in Milan, he can channel his effort and commitment to this sole purpose.
Born in South Italy in 1992, Antonio D'Africa first discovered his passion for djing in 2011. He later moved to Milan where he attended the SAE institute, graduating with distinction in EMP (electronic music production). He produced numerous unreleased tracks that featured in his dj sets at Magazzini Generali (Milan) exclusive summer clubs in his hometown area and one of the biggest Tech-House rave parties in South Italy Parklife (Cosenza). Later he began experimenting with techno music production, exploring a new  spectrum of sounds, gradually defining his own melody. Antonio co-founded VIBE Music Underground rave parties, where as a resident DJ he brings Techno and Tech-House to a new and captive audience. He's played alongside big names such as Dorian Paic, Enrico Sangiuliano, Roberto Capuano, Ramiro Lopez, Frankyeffe and Hollen, to name a few.

Mannix feat Lisa Shaw - So Much Time

Vienna's Mannix makes a welcome return to the Favouritizm stable, this time enlisting the divine and unmistakable vocal talents of Lisa Shaw on their stunning new collaboration 'So Much Time'. Mannix cooks up a lush bubbling, deep groove with airy synth washes and pretty sweeping strings drizzled throughout, providing the perfect soundtrack for Lisa to enchant us with her dreamy, heartfelt vocals.
"Lisa Shaw has always been a singerI wanted to work with. She has a very unique, strong voice and many of her songs are memorable and emotional. That's why I'm very happy that this project became reality. Production wise the release also underlines my movement towards more deeper, but still soulful sounds which fits the whole song very well!" - Mannix
Mannix has been one of Vienna’s pioneers for good house music alongside Austrian legends Alfi Budin, Lorenzo Al Dino, Peter Pan since he first started DJing in the early 90's.. After many years working in music retail with Virgin, in 1999 he formed Whipped Creem together with DJ Krismas and DJ Wax to move to the next level. From this time on Mannix went on to be a producer, promoter and music journalist (DJ Magazine, Tilllate Magazine) and had released tracks on AM:PM, Go Beat, Generate Music, Soundmen On Wax, Polydor and V2. Later, Mannix and Wax formed a new project Double Jackpot, which stood for unique funky house music in its production and DJing guises. Together WaX and Mannix run the successful radio show 'Crystal Radio' on  98.3 Superfly FM.  From 2012 Mannix started working on solo material under his own name, alongside long time studio mate, Albert Koler.  His notable release in recent times include 'Standing Right Here' ft Dina Vass (Favouritizm), 'Niki’s Smile' (Lapsus Music), 'Earth Shake' (Good For You), 'Stronger Than You Think You Are' with Arnold Jarvis (Solid Ground), among many. Mannix's remixes have also graced labels such as Mjuzieek Digital, Double Cheese, Soul Deluxe and Rejoyce Records to name a few.
Warm, velvety and sultry are but a few choice words that accurately describe the voice of singer/songwriter & Neo-soul diva, Lisa Shaw. With a solid career spanning nearly two decades, this Toronto native has seen 2 full-length solo albums on Naked Music / Astralwerks and Salted Music as well as dozens of featured-artist singles the with some of the best producers in the genre, enchanting listeners across the globe at all hours of the day and night. In 1995 she released her first single written by DJ Smash, 'Makin’ Love Makin’ Music', on New Breed Records, then in 2003 Naked/Astralwerks released her debut solo album 'Cherry', followed by her 'Free' album on Miguel Migs' Salted Music label in 2009.  Over the years Lisa has collaborated with some of the best producers in the biz including Jay Denes, Dave Boonshoft, and Bruno Ybarra (Naked Music), Fred Everything, Scuba, Miguel Migs, King Britt and Q-Burns the Abstract Message, Ethan White RIP (Tortured Soul), Lars, Harley & Muscle,The Lovebirds , Scott Hardkiss (RIP), Andy Caldwell, Hideo Kobayashi, and ATFC and more. Presently, Lisa tours solo as well as with dj/ producer Miguel Migs at many of their massive Salted events all over the USA.

Finskit - 120 BXL

Finskit is Péter Zöldi, Brussels based Hungarian graphic designer. He started to DJ and throwing his Ctrl Alt Dance parties back in Budapest a few years ago. Winning a producer course at IMPRO Budapest School of Music Technology boosted his long time affair with vintage synths and drum machines. Following few remixes and edits, the '120 BXL EP' is his debut material. The EP was written in Brussels and Budapest, and it reflects his early morning flights overdose and exploring his new hometown. Fine and mellow deep house with some classic house touch, soft drums and catchy synths. As a true renaissance man, Finskit makes all of his the visuals and videos too.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Jeffrey Tice - Aurora

What's Going On?
What's Going On? (Daniel Allen Remix)
Been Alone
Been Alone (Plastic Pope Remix)
Table Cape Leisure

San Francisco native Jeffrey Tice has a talent for seeing color in the blank spaces. Jeff’s roots are in early electronica but that doesn’t stop him from adopting the methods of the future. The Aurora EP is Jeff’s sophomore release on Harmonious Discord Recordings following the success of his first project, “Where Do You Go?”. Four outstanding original cuts – the title track, “What’s Going On?”, “Been Alone”, and “Cape Tape Leisure” – comprise this musically minded dance floor collection. Austin resident and Denied Music boss Daniel Allen provides us a blissful reprise, and longtime contributor of sonic oddities Plastic Pope returns to the label with a signature of strange. 

“Aurora” provides a great balance between floaty ethereal accents and driving funk bass. A snappy rhythm section helps move the experience forward with jovial flare. “What’s Going On?” changes tone with a serious intro, built-in tension, and masterful dub design. Rich in texture and methodical in structure this tune is an essential dance floor tool. Daniel Allen returns to deliver an inspiring heater that elevates the mood to euphoric atmospheres with rich chord interplay and spacious arpeggiations. “Been Alone” delivers immediately on thick garage and deep house constructs, including a building analog bass pattern that begs for foot movement. HD’s mysterious but ever consistent provider of strangeness Plastic Pope makes a much anticipated return, offering a small slice of insanity with hints of breakbeat, jackin’ Chicago house, and quirk. Jeff ends the EP with a disco-inspired whale sonnet named “Table Cape Leisure”. Pressed with rim shots and summer fair this funk jam session can fit within the borders of a diverse set of music. 

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