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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

VA - 15 Years Get Physical

Influential Berlin imprint Get Physical is turning 15 years old in 2017, and to celebrate it has put together a fantastic 15 track compilation featuring plenty of key label artists. To mark the release, the crew will celebrate 15 Years of Get Physical at Watergate Berlin on June 10th and then Off Week on June 15th.
Over the years, the cult label set up by DJ T., M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade has carved out its own sonic empire, with many house and tech styles all covered by their hundreds of EPs, LPs and revered compilations such as Body Language. They have also put on many great events all over the world and have continued to set their own trends rather than follow them, all while mixing up big established names with rising newcomers. This new compilation picks out some new cuts as well as a number of highlights from over the years and really packs a punch.
Things kick off with the label’s most famous tune - ‘Body Language’. Produced by M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade, it is a classic dance anthem with wobbly bass and a killer lead synth that sounds as fresh today as it did the day it was released. DJ T. then steps up with a funky little house number in the form of ‘Philly’ and label stalwart Tigerskin feat. Lazarusman comes correct with the blissed out house of ‘The Blackness’.
Newer associates like Hot Since 82 and South African rising star Thor Rixon then offer some smooth tech vibes, veterans WhoMadeWho zone us out with the spiritual house vibes of ‘There’s A Way’ (andhim Remix) and the legendary Junior Boys prove why they are still going after so many years with their timeless ‘No Kinda Man.’
Proving how diverse their output is, artists like Bruce Loko offer inventive and organic pieces such as ‘God’s Window’ and newer associates like another South African Jazzuelle—who served up a fine album on the label this year—then remixes DJ Pierre in intoxicating acid style. Add in big names like Reboot and Francesco Tristano's Body Language Mix of ‘Impermanent’ and you have a collection of tunes that offers something for all moments in the night.
Few labels are as iconic in dance music as Get Physical, and this compilation proves why the label is so well admired.

Next Of Kin - Everything

Everything (Original Mix)
Everything (Pete Moss Remix)
Everything (Jon Lee Remix)

Seattle label Uniting Souls Music reaches across the pond and grabs London’s Next Of Kin for “Everything”, a deep bass-house workout that’s sure to inspire some peak time floor action. A veteran producer under various aliases – previously holding down a radio show on Ministry of Sound – Next Of Kin has bounded forth under this latest nom-de-plume with top notch releases for Deep City Sound and Modern Revival alongside the likes of Doc Link, Demarkus Lewis, and Fred Everything. “Everything” masterfully meshes influences from deep and tech house as well as the late ’90s sound of UK garage to transmit a groovy late night roller. Vocal snippets deliver the catchy hook of the song’s title while a punchy, dominating bass line and cool spacey pads keep the rhythm deliriously flowing. Pete Moss, a welcome recurring remixer for Uniting Souls, accents the main track with a version that expands on the lush vibe, featuring swelling synths and the vocal hits given a subtle, slightly ominous treatment. Seattle’s Jon Lee (Viva Recordings, NAM Recordings) is also on hand, providing a deep and moody remix of “Everything” that ebbs and flows with dynamic breakdowns and ringing musical passages. Along with Pete Moss’s version, this mix gives a distinct view of the main track, completing a package that works for a variety of after-hours DJ situations. Uniting Souls in effect! 

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Dubrovnik (UK) - Queen Irene EP

Release Date: 9th of June 2017

01. Rene
02. Rene (Reset Robot Remix)
03. Block

22 Digit Records is a UK based label with an open minded music policy that’s focused towards House music, but incorporates elements of Techno and other electronic genres.

Following a release from Alland Byallo the new 22 Digit Records release is from Dubrovnik (UK) who is a fresh new talent based in the Scottish city of Glasgow, which is a location that’s previously spawned labels like Soma plus artists like Slam and Jackmaster.

Dubrovnik (UK) appears after a release on Flashmob’s self-titled label and this is only his third official release. Complimenting the two originals on this release is a remix from Reset Robot.

Reset Robot is famed for his seminal releases on Adam Beyer's label Truesoul and Sven Väth’s Cocoon, plus a recent debut EP on Anja Schneider’s imprint Mobilee.

Not just a solo producer Reset Robot also regularly collaborates with Alan Fitzpatrick under the alias of Customer.

“Rene” is led by a thick lead pad which glides through the track's stripped back percussion to provide its driving force. Chic in every sense of the word, this is a fine example of how less can so often be so much more. The structure is Techno influenced, but the style of the groove is more commonly associated with House music, making this dancefloor track the perfect hybrid.

Reset Robot’s remix of “Rene” keeps the originals minimalistic but adds his own subtle melody to replace the originals dominant lead synth. Building with complexity as the track develops, he adds sounds which create a more spacious sense of atmosphere. Deeper and more abstract than some might expect from Reset Robot, this intelligent remix shows off his versatility as a producer.

“Block” has a tough groove lead by a dominant kick drum and prominent clap sample. Murky and mysterious, a muffled synth stab and textured FX lay a foundation for the fragile melody to sit. Driven by the rich stabs of the polished lead sound, this club friendly track is the pinnacle of sophistication.

BiG AL - Dance For Love

For our next release, we are delighted to bring you two hot deep house cuts from non-other than Ready Mix Records owner and all around awesome producer and nice guy, BiG AL! His productions are known for pure quality and 'Dance For Love' is no different. On remix duty, this time are Deep Active Sound and Processing Vessel.

The original Breakdance Mix of 'Dance For Love' has an energetic and slightly retro vibe going on, incorporating strong melodic elements, chords, violins and deep vocals. This is a very unique and uplifting deep house track perfect for getting the party going.

The Dancefloor Dub Mix is deeper, dubbier, dirtier and more underground. It is very different from the original mix incorporating a trippy bassline, psychedelic sound effects, and an undoubtable outer space vibe. Sirens, organic melodic elements, techno sounds, and beautiful pads combine to create a truly unique piece of music.

Deep Active Sounds chimes in with a beautiful remix that bares his trademark sound. This production is super tight and clean, with a groove that is sure to get anyone moving. Closer to the Dancefloor Dub Mix than the original, this remix uses some of the organic melodic elements, as well as some very unique sounds to create a cut worthy of Deep Active Sound's reputation.

Finally, the last cut on this release is the great remix from Processing Vessel. This remix has a nu-disco vibe, using guitars, funky stabs, and vocals. While true to the original Breakdance mix, this cut is decidedly deeper and unique in its own right.

We are very excited to unleash these gems onto the dancefloors the world over and hope that you will find something to your tastes here. Please remember to chart, play and support the music in any way you can if you like it.

Vridian Music - Nineteenth Floor EP

VridianMusic is the shared moniker of Vir Rattan Chowdhry & Siddhant Jain. With a hybrid approach, this initiative intends to offer a musical experience that blends the known, to fuel the unknown. Influenced heavily by alternative, deep and underground related music genres, any Vridian dancefloor / sonic experience is an assured story.

Touching into various styles such as Electronica, Deep House, Techno and Tech House, music that keeps a groove consistent in a plethora of atmospheres and a variation of rhythms. With a quest for all things eclectic, VridianMusic intends to be a well rounded establishment for intelligent and emotive electronic music (not limited to dance music).

The project has become a part of Vancouver's renowned Gorgomish after hours family and 2017 will also see the duo release original music on a variety of platforms. Having one foot in India and the other in Western Canada, has exposed this duo to a wide selection of influences, inspiration and experience. In addition to a hybrid approach, VridianMusic delivers in a versatile and celebratory fashion, whether it be the opening, closing or the after hours.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Willers Brothers - Shimmy Shimmy EP

01. Shimmy Shimmy
02. Shimmy Shimmy (Okain Forward Remix)
03. Shimmy Shimmy (Okain Talman Remix)
04. Seeing Them Out

"What Came First" is a new label dedicated to House and Techno, which has been set up by the people behind the infamous EGG London club venue.

Championing the EGG London favorites the new release on What Came First is from club residents The Willers Brothers.

The Willers Brothers are a London based duo consisting of Sean and Liam Willers, who have previously released on labels including Oblack Label, Nordik, Nofitstate, Beste Modus and My Favourite Freaks Music.

Not only are The Willers Brothers residents at EGG London, but they play regular international gigs and have previously played venues such as Watergate, Space Ibiza and Tresor.

Also hosting radio shows on stations including Hoxton FM, Bloop and Le Chic FM, The Willers Brothers combine elements of both House and Techno in their funky and groove driven sound.

The release also features Okain on remix duty who provides two alternate versions on the EP’s lead track.

French artist Okain is a regular headliner at EGG London, who as well as playing regular international DJ gigs, and is a premier artist whose music can be found on labels including Truesoul, Hypercolour, Tsuba, Cadenza, BPitch Control,and his own Talman Records.

Okain has also collaborated with Techno artist Paul Ritch under his real name Samuel Thalmann and a variety of other aliases including Lezar and Handycraft.

“Shimmy Shimmy” starts with deep bubbling synths that sit under a percussive shake that skips like a stone skimming over water. The track's name was inspired by its smooth sound that ripples and shimmers like a metallic liquid. Understated but still dancefloor focused the track is eloquent and intelligent House music.

Okain’s first rework of Shimmy Shimmy titled the “Forward Remix” provides a toughened up version, with some of the originals atmospherics replaced with additional rhythmical elements. Slightly more up-tempo, there is extra momentum provided by the Techno influenced lead sound.

The second remix of Shimmy Shimmy from Okain is titled the “Talman Remix” and it strips back the original to its percussion, which makes space for a luscious pad sound that leads the track. Gliding with poignant notation, the new synth sounds are warm and comforting, creating a mood that’s atmospheric and club focused.

“Seeing Them Out” has a quirky melody that works with the energy of the bassline and shuffling rhythms of the percussion to form the foundation of the groove. Finished with a muffled female vocal and some uplifting chords, this compact masterpiece is distinct and individual.

Oscar Holgado - Physical EP

Well here we go with the long awaited overdue debut from label boss OSCAR HOLGADO.
First up on offer is Oscar's original mix "PHYSICAL" which is a delightful proggy number as you would expect.
Next up with the first remix we have IVAN CORONEL who brings us funky techy interpretation of the original which again is another masterpiece.
Second remix of Physical comes from MARCO MADIA. Marco hits us with a stunning minimal techy beast sure to keep those heads nodding and toes tapping.
The second track on this release "VIDA" is a bit special, again Oscar has put together a superb trippy techy piece of brilliance. With its beatless start this will make a fantastic intro tune.
And finally to finish of the monumentous release JAKHIRA hits us with a delightful housey remix of Vida, definitely something here for everyone that's for sure.
Artwork by Marcus Whitted.

Release Date: May 29th

Exclusive Release date: 22/05/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 12/06/2017

Tameless - Spanish Soul

As we all are aware, Melbourne is widely regarded as a culturally diverse city. It is also highly regarded for its diversity in music culture.
Being a Melbourne based label we love to showcase the depth of music that the cities producers have to offer. Our next release is no exception to that. 

Spanish Soul has come from two Melbourne stalwarts Greg Sara and Adam Hooper who have coined the moniker “Tameless” in conjunction with Chris Corby of ‘Deep Face” Fame.the three have concocted monster that is a perfect hybrid between deep house and tech-house .

Accompanied by two stellar remixes from Uone (Still Vor Talent, Katemukke and Heinz) and new up and comer Luke Vecchio, this package has all bases covered and is available for your perusal on the 31st of May.

Johnny Deep - In Too Deep EP

While Lucidflow obviously owes a debt to the classic dub techno template, it's worth remembering other influencing genres on its sonic template. One such sound is that of micro house. Popularised by labels such as Perlon and artists like Akufen, its mid-2000's is more the due a bit of a renaissance. This is where UK born artist Johnny Deep is stepping in for the latest release on the label. Johnny cut his teeth in the southern hemisphere, helming a multitude of radio shows in Australia before being chosen to front the Ministry Of Sound shows in the country, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and garnering support from Doc Martin during his career.
The 'In Too Deep' EP keeps to the straight and narrow. 'Maribou' pairs rump shaking beats and bass with intricately placed staccato elements, whether it is the flutter of percussion, vocal fragments or hints of melody. It is micro to its core. 'Ugly Duck' initially keeps to the same template, choosing to take its time to unfurl. Once it does, it is via dewy synth pads and flecks of keys.
Title track 'In Too Deep' then makes its showing. It's conceit is to weave together shards of robo-funk in all its micro-filled glory. Elements of dub weave in to the carefully assembled warm groove, and little salvos of 8-bit accent to provide just that little bit of sparkle. Finally 'Gladiator' finishes off the EP in determined mood, while all the previous themes of staccato sampling remain present, there is just a sense that this is a much more driving track. It is the subtle shift in tempo, the darker mood, the more considered bassline that helps craft this sense of urgency, the seriousness in tone highlighted by the brief piano respite that exists in the middle of the track.

'In Too Deep' is a Beatport Exclusive out on 12th June 2017, other shops 10th July.

Gabriel - La Noche EP

Argentinian based musician, producer & DJ GABRIEL travelled the world with his dance band Modex playing an abundance of festivals before finding a new home with Emerald & Doreen to kick off his solo career.
La Noche is his second release on Germany’s well known eclectic boutique label and showcases the artist’s transition to a newer future tribal techno sound, combined with acid flavors, ethnic percussions and dark disco vocals.

Featuring fine remixes by Daytona, Drew Miller & more.