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Monday, 17 October 2016

M. Vaughan - Dinner Parties In East Egg EP

Artist: M. Vaughan
Title: Dinner Parties In East Egg EP
Remix by: Moises
Cat #: CIM022

M. Vaughan’s first full EP on Colour in Music is coming with three original cuts and one remix by Moises (Downhill Music / MadTech / Roush). 
The title track 'Dinner Parties in East Egg' is a delicately chugging house affair with a super catchy synth motif, all carried by gently thickening drum machine layers. This piece easily works both in home playlists and your warmup sets. 
For 'Dapper Dan', M. Vaughan chose to deliver two mixes. The tune itself is minimalistic and moody in its arrangement and groove, yet tight in atmosphere and equipped with a fat synth bassline that immediately makes you want to nod along. The 'Dapper Mix' adds a few spoken vocal bits, while the 'Dub Mix' is purely instrumental.
The Moises remix of 'Dapper Dan' is equally minimal in its approach, however the looped detuned chords and dense rhythm evolving around a snappy stick-snare, give the tune an entrancing feel.
The last track is called 'Out Of My Mind' and really ties the Ep together nicely. A wonky but very memorable chord progression, pitched vocal slices and a jazzy drum section give this track all you need to warm up a floor.

MarcSoul - Begin Again

For our next artist release, we are very pleased to have MarcSoul on the label with three awesome deep house cuts!

With releases on such reputable labels such as DeepClass and Ready Mix Records, Marcsoul has earned his reputation as being a top class producer.

The Original mix is a warm and psychedelic deep house track that is perfect for warm up sets.

The Delight Mix is a deeper version of the original with a bouncier bass line and luscious pads creating a great atmospheric track.

The sneaker mix is a funked up and more energetic version of the original which is great for later in the night.

Scarlett House - 'Bout That Action

Long time friends and collaborators, Jay and Leo aka Scarlett House have been making a name for themselves in the UK house music scene since 2009. 

Having graced the decks of the capital's finest, such as Fabric (RIP), Ministry Of Sound, EGG and Lightbox, playing alongside the likes of Stimming, Rolando, Mark XTC, Sonny Wharton and Paul Thomas, the duo finally broke into the worldwide audience when featured in Beatport's top 10 must hear tracks and subsequently entered the Beatport Top 100 Deep House chart with their 'Trodden' EP.

Good friends of the label, regularly playing the Arrivals London showcase, it was only a matter of time before they delivered their first release for Arrivals Records, the label already described by Clash Magazine as “a vital signpost for new talent” and “responsible for some pretty huge releases” by Vice's THUMP. 

The release features two cuts of premium house music in the form of 'Bout That Action and Lover's Game, that bring equal measures of depth and groove, making a perfect addition to any DJ's selection. 

'With their latest single, ''Bout That Action', the pair have crafted a sprawling, 10-minute house roller, heaven-sent for the club. With its pulsing rhythms and surprising, off-kilter flourishes, you could just as easily drop this in a sweaty, claustrophobic club as you could on the pristine beaches of Ibiza or Croatia.' - Complex Magazine

FLIGHT007 Scarlett House - 'Bout That Action / Lover's Game is set to land on Arrivals Records, October 21st 2016.

Linus & Amy - The Black Below Remix Album

Release Date: 28th 11th 2016


Linus and Amy’s debut album was written from the viewpoint of a girl dealing with lost love. It is the experience of self doubt and insecurities that result from heartbreak that inspired the album. “These feelings rise to the surface and can leave one teetering on the edge of the black below.”  ! The album ranges from downbeat melancholic ballads to hypnotic techno grooves, and has been described as “underground electronic pop in the vein of Massive Attack.”  Respected Producer, Ulrich Schnauss described the album as “a very engaging combination of gentle electronics and dancey grooves.” !

“The Black Below Remix Album” features both established veterans of the dance music scene Howie B, Terry Francis, Alsion Marks, Alexi Delano and Russ Gabriel, as well as some of today’s best producers and DJs Mononoid, Joseph S. Joyce, Jem Stone, Mike Bryant, Tunnel and Ashwin Khosa.   ! Having remixed everyone from U2 to Björk, Howie B brings his musical polymath to “Arsonist’s Daughter” turning the track into a deep acid house jam.  As one of the founding father’s of London’s Fabric, Terry Francis is a mainstay of the House Music scene. His remix combines two of Linus and Amy’s signature tracks using parts of “Our Secret Tunnel” and “Follow Me Down”.

The combination of syncopated rhythms and trippy vibes make his remix a delight for all Tech-House DJs.   ! LINUS and AMY ! Amy is an American musician who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. She is a member of the group “The Controversy” and has contributed vocals to various projects, such as M83’s Grammy nominated album, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.” She was also member of West Indian Girl from 2007-2010. Linus has been producing techno under his alter ego, “Slynus” for the last 20 years.

He was a resident DJ for the infamous sound system, ‘Sancho Panza’ from 1995 – 2002.  He co-owned the record shop ‘Vinyl Addiction’ in Camden which was part of London’s first Record Shop/Bar/ Restaurant, ‘Bar Vinyl’. His music has been played and charted by many electronic artists, including Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Pete Tong, and Danny Tenaglia.

TOKITA - Broken Road

Broken Road (Giom Remix)
Broken Road

Jason TOKITA currently resides between San Diego and Seattle, making music and DJ’ing various events in both cities. He’s a rising star in the west coast house community, with previous jams on the likes of Kolour Recordings and Moulton Music. He’s a perfect fit for Viva Recordings who have enlisted TOKITA for this latest release, the jaunty deep house number “Broken Road”. Featuring cool bass lines and dreamy vocal cut-ups, this track is a delicious addition to an after-hours nightclub selection. Dubby embellishments, twisty arpeggiations, and warm splashes of percussion all combine to make “Broken Road” something special. London deep house don Giom (Supremus Records) bursts in for the remix and offers a sparse yet dramatic take. Tight four-on-the-floor rhythms, swelling pads, and an evocative use of the vocal ‘instrument’ make this entirely different from the original but, at the same time, recognizably connected. It’s another essential double-hitter from Viva Recordings. 

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Alexander Saykov & Jero Nougues - City Rain EP

Artist: Alexander Saykov & Jero Nougues
Title: City Rain EP
Remix by: Christos Fourkis | Igor Gonya | Tibor Dragan
Cat #: SRMR160
Label: Ready Mix Records

Release Date: 
October 24th 2016 (Beatport Exclusive) 
November 7th 2016 (Worldwide)

Release Info: 

Alexander Saykov & Jero Nougues are back with us to deliver their latest deep and moving collaboration 'City Rain EP' containing two Original tracks 'City Rain' and 'Last Journey'.

On remix duties, we're happy to welcome back Christos Fourkis, Igor Gonya and Tibor Dragan.

Various Artists - Smiley Goes To Amsterdam 2016 (Smiley Fingers)

Release date: Oct 14 2016 

01. Larry Cadge - To Be Free 
02. Ray Okpara - Palmascal (Samu.L Remix) 
03. Chris Main - Instant 
04. Marko Nastic - Failed Message 
05. Dan Noel - Boosted 
06. Rick Sanders - Antartica 
07. Pedro Mercado & David Museen - The Best Day 
08. Me & My Monkey, Joris Dee - Deep Inside 
09. TAF - Take A Walk 
10. Oscar Barila, Sergio Parrado - Move it 
11. Twofalls - Bring your Be 
12. Die Vogelperspektive - Black Lipstick 

The summer comes to an end, and the untiring Smiley Fingers flies to Amsterdam to take part to ADE 2016! 
Smiley Goes To Amsterdam is a fresh selection that picks 12 tracks by artists like Larry Cadge, Ray Okpara, Samu.L, Chris Main, Marko Nastic, Dan Noel, Rick Sanders, Pedro Mercado & David Museen, Me & My Monkey, Joris Dee, TAF, Oscar Barila, Sergio Parrado, Twofalls, Die Vogelperspektive. 
Jump on the airplane to Ade with Smiley Fingers!

Vialocal feat L’Adc - Rush Of A Music (Pt.2)

Traxsource Release: 20th October 2016
Worldwide Release: 3rd November 2016

Sunclock repeats another hit from the back catalogue: Vialocal feat. L’adc 'Rush Of A Music'. The package contain 2 slamming versions with an huge remix by our Thai teammate Q Narongwate that bring some freshness to this release.Bouncing groove with elastic ayet will shake your ass from the first minutes. Percussion and pad give a right thickness to the track. Cool vocals delayed effects create a deep flavor especially in the middle break. Refined ambient for a big dancefloor… they will appreciate it for sure.

Various Artists - ADE 2016 Sampler

Artist: Various Artists
Title: ADE 2016 Sampler
Cat #: RMRADE2016
Label: Ready Mix Records 
Music by: Holly North | DSM | Helios Fort | Elenika | Ali Darian | Sorceress & Marta Kodo | Harris Deeman

Release Date: 
October 17th 2016 (Worldwide) 

Release Info:

It's that time of year again where the who's who of the Music Industry flock to The Netherlands to meet, greet, promote, market, perform and showcase their Dansmuziek. 

From global agencies to record labels, international producers to DJ's, club promoters to distributors and everyone in between will be present at the world renowned Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2016. 

For this special occasion, we've gathered a bunch of top notch producers from around the world to deliver our yearly special ADE Sampler. 

This year, we welcome Germany's Holly North, Iran's DSM, Spain's Helios Fort, Italy's Elenika, Finland's Ali Darian, Australia's Sorceress & Marta Kodo and last but certainly not least, Greece's Harris Deeman. 

From mild Downtempo moods to deep Oriental grooves to the tougher tech beats and clubbier house vibes. 

Our ADE 2016 Sampler has something for each moment.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Legit Trip - Day & Night EP

The real house music mood, the groove and the fun is guaranteed in every Legit Trip's release. He is now a regular artist on Share because he always delivers massive tech house tracks. 'Back To Day' has all the elements to be a new banger: their signature bassline, a cool vocal, some breakdowns and drops to do serious damage to the dancefloor. But dont forget 'Back To Night', raw but effective, that cowbell is pure fire. Nice release for a wide range of electronic music lovers. Legit Trip did it again, dont miss it!

Artwork by Natalia Guimaraes
Mastering by APM Studio, Berlin.