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Monday, 19 June 2017

This week's New Entries

Beginning Label

As the summer season approaches, Get Physical looks to some of the key residents on the White Isle to contribute exclusive new tracks to Get Physical Presents Ibiza 2017, which is all mixed and compiled by Ben Hoo.
UK born DJ, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Hoo is an Ibiza resident with a weekly radio show on Ibiza Sonica that shows off his eclectic style and finds him providing chilled out soundtracks as much as club pumping sets. He is a part of the Get Physical family and is a Kindisch staple artist who has released many EPs and an album, Collected, on the label.
Here he reaches for a fresh mix of contemporary producers including the likes of Nima Gorji, System of Survival, Audiohell, Tania Vulcano & Jose de Divinia and a few of his own great beats.
It all kicks off with Hoo’s stripped back, ambient rework of Tantsui’s ‘Planet of the Apes’, a blissful slice of electronica that sets a laidback scene before a second remix of his, this time of System Of Survival feat. Vhelade, brings some lush vocal deep house grooves to the fore. As the sun sets on the White Isle, Clara Brea, the Acid Sundays & Heart Ibiza regular, gets called upon for her corrugated and bumpy cut ‘707minor7’.
A sleek and slick passage of minimal house follows thanks to cuts from talented newcomer Peter W and Eder Alvarez & Joey Daniel, then a brace of brilliant cuts—collaborative gems from Hoo and Enzo Leep—mark a cerebral and intimate mid section with wandering piano chords and late night drum shuffles all making for a woozy feel. The arrival of tracks from long time Ibiza staple Nima Gorji, Insane and Mosaic resident Alex Kennon and Audiohell in cahoots with Circo Loco’s Tania Vulcano and Jose de Divinia then make for some more bumping grooves and textured tech cuts, but never are there any sharp turns or awkward segues.
The final third of this super smooth and seductive mix finds Peter W, Gorji and Ben Hoo all make more contributions, and the resulting sounds are nicely coloured with distant vocal sounds, jazzy percussive patterns and a certain late night darkness and naughtiness.
Overall this is a fantastic mix of modern house music that shows great balance, selection and sequencing from start to finish.


Filament Burst
Filament Burst (Omotani's Super Laser Beam Remix)
Origin Of Infinity
Amongst The Birch
Salmon Arm
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Vancouver's Jay Tripwire is back on Viva Recordings for his 3rd release, a spacey and super deep outing that will surely inspire late night and early morning dance floors the world over. A true veteran of underground house and techno, Jay is responsible for some of the most exciting music to come out of North America in recent years. 

From the title track that opens the Filament Burst EP up with it's sparse sax, acid lines and lush strings, to the spaced out “Origin of Infinity”, and the psychedelic marimbas and acid lines of “Amongst The Birch”, Jay's EP takes you on a journey through sonic soundscapes. Included in the package is Todd Omotani's “Super Laser Beam Remix” of Filament Burst, and two additional regionally inspired versions of Amongst the Birch from Jay himself simply titled “Salmon Arm” and “Squamish”. Anyone who appreciates the deep stuff will surely find a couple gems for the collection on this one. 

Label and Artist Links:


Release Date: 30th of June

01. Nuits Sonores
02. Ambient

Lany Recordings is a Belgian label that’s dedicated to House music and prides itself on championing local producers based in and around the Belgian city of Ghent.

Run by Maxim Lany, the label has an impressive roster of artists including the likes of Stavroz, Larse, San Soda, Raw District plus Sierra Sam, and this new release is from Wanvel.

Wanvel is a young artist based in Ghent who from playing the piano at an early age discovered he had a unique sense of rhythm and melody. After learning about House music, Wanvel became intrigued with electronic beats and bought equipment to start experimenting with production.

His debut release was a collaborative track with Nathan Fix that was released on House Grand Cru Records and picked up support from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Ante Perry, Steve Lawler, Larse and Kruse & Nuernberg.

This is Wanvel’s first official solo release with orchestral pads and laid back grooves driven by the raw funk of the bassline. Deep and atmospheric with some sampled jazz flute this two track EP has a chic and understated sound that’s perfect for late nights and early morning DJ sets.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Franksen & Rafa Zoe - Throb EP

Our Frankfurt friends Franksen & Rafa Zoe have just released for revered BAR 25 MUSIC and now return to TREIBJAGD RECORDS - with a fine and balanced EP full of timeless depth and energy: Techhouse and Deephouse that won’t lose its flex, plus a peaktime bomb with slight tribal flair. Throbbing tunes, indeed!
SO FREE sees the guys get down in hypnotic, bass-laden techhouse-style. A track that’s been roadtested successfully, whether in deephouse-sets or warming up for classic techno-chords. An energetic yet meditative track – all in its own glory!
SIRENS is a tribal-ish marathon-groover in total Franksen manner. The Frankfurt player is known for his positively grooving expertise. “Sirens” boasts seething synths and a heavily dubbed-out arrange. A standout-track you will remember for its positive push to your system!
PULSE foresees the golden notes of springtime with flirtatious percussions and neat chords that add an ever-lastin feelin’ of warmth to this track that keeps floatin’ rollin’ ‘til the wheels fall off!

Release date: May 18th 2017

Format: Digital 

Helios Fort - Fragments EP

Artist: Helios Fort
Title: Fragments EP
Remixes by: DSM | Anatolian Sessions
Cat #: SRMR169
Label: Ready Mix Records

Release Date: 
June 19th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
July 3rd 2017 (Worldwide)

Release Info:

Released last October on our ADE 2016 Sampler, 'Moab' by Helios Fort returns with its sister 'Fragments' to form our 169th release 'Fragments EP'. 

In the past, 'Moab' was supported by the likes of Tim Andresen, Adam Byrd, BiG AL, Ilias Katelanos, Alvaro Hylander, Troja, Tom Lown, Pano Manara, Bobby Deep, Last Of Me, Below Bangkok to name just a few. 

Both 'Fragments & Moab' are super tight and extremely well put together. Helios introduces his vision of what modern eclectic house tracks should sound like by introducing Middle Eastern wind instruments, male chanting, Oud licks and some Oriental drama to an already crispy and clean production. 

On remix duties, we're happy to welcome back Anatolian Sessions and DSM who deliver their reinterpretations in style. 

Ivaylo - Manga EP

Oslo’s Bogota Records finds Ivaylo mining deep house with the Manga EP. “Magnatronic” ascends a slow build from minimal drums to washes of warm synth, while the re-work by Arildo adds slow-burning percussive strains to the original. “Nectar” balances dark bass with hi-hat strains, while the Danny Kotz remix amplifies the original with driving locomotion. Throughout, the production swims in the deep end of the house pool without feeling dark, and manages a palatial dive into sonic atmospherics while maintaining an afterhours dancefloor vibe.

Ivaylo hails from Bulgaria, where he explored jazz before diving into electronic genres. As Bulgaria shook off the last of its communist sensibilities and became a republic, Ivaylo took to the beaches of his hometown in Varna and fell in love with the deep house sound floating over from the States. He went on to perform everywhere from London to Moscow before settling in Oslo, where he established Bogota Records in 2014. 

Label and Artist Links:

Monday, 5 June 2017

Franksen - Dub Tribes EP

Franksen hails from Frankfurt, delivering two solo tracks plus one co-lab with EMBI Music head honcho Daniele Casa. Welcome the new artists! Dub is the production fashion that links the low slung, elegant and warm grooves on this EP. Franksen’s expertise for tribe-ish, percussive works is a solid motor for the heavy yet housy attitude of this timeless track package. With Daniele Casa in the joint, their original mix gets yet another bass injection. Witness these tracks on a proper club soundsystem and you’ll feel their raw force, enjoy them on your home hi-fi you’ll feel those tracks are good for an acoustic cuddle, too. And prepare for some remixes really settting sails for different shores… 

Franksen – Dub Tribe / Original Mix An instant Franksen classic, showing his roots: from dubby chords to that easy galopping groove, plenty of low-low bass and arps. Percussive dubbed out bliss tops the brooding elements. A trademark set for the EP - the intro!

Franksen – Dub 120 feat. Daniele Casa/ Original Mix The club-track of the pack. Minimal and dub-techno expert Casa and Franksen explore a dense web of bassgrooves. Dubby synths keep the stomping groove aloft. Distinct teasing vocal snippets and strings fill the twirling air with love! 

Franksen – Dub 120 feat. Daniele Casa / Phable Remix Known for elegant techhouse vibes for Audio Safari or Plastic City, Phable polishes the dusty original to a shiny deephouse gem, making us see the light when the dub led us into darker spheres. Mind you, his soothing chords are real rays of light, sunglass advisory! 

Franksen – Melon Collie Dub / Original Mix Piano dub chords caress a low-slung groove while heavily dubbed-out FXs and percussions lend a light in the dusty atmospheres. Melancholy becomes a sweet and meditative mood. Dwell in a groovepool of inner pleasure! 
Franksen – Melon Collie Dub / Shayde Remix Connaisseur Recordings’ artist Shayde hails from the depths. Stripping the original down to 111 bpm this refix welcomes summer days, encounters within your inner depths and an elastic groove that shuffles a cool breeze into any kind of heat! 

Available on Beatport 3.7.2017 / other shops 3.8.2017

DJ Pierre & Marshall Jefferson - House Music

Anyone who takes it upon themselves to contemplate over the history of house music will inevitably stumble upon DJ Pierre and of course: Mr. Marshall Jefferson.

Marshall Jefferson certainly is one of the Godfathers of House Music: He released his first single "Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem)“ on Chicago´s TRAX Records in 1986 and followed up with many fantastic productions under various names such as Virgo, Jungle Wonz, Truth, and On The House.

DJ Pierre has been living and breathing underground dance music, namely house, since its inception and everybody who knows the history of House Music knows his Wild Pitch sound trademark.  2017 will see the release of a collection of re works of some of Pierre´s Wild Pitch classics as well as some brand new productions, one of them is an instant classic for sure: Teaming up with Marshall Jefferson the two let "House Music" sound brand-new and as fresher as ever!

"Any Underground Music, can be House Music!"

Andrew McDonnell - Mustard EP

Andrew has worked hard in the years between, building his reputation as a dependable player in Toronto’s upfront DJ scene. He has built up an impressive gig resume, with regular appearances in some of Toronto’s most legendary venues and parties. Having called inner-city Toronto his home for nearly a decade, Andrew has a deep appreciation for the wide range of musical talent and diversity that North America’s fourth-largest city has to offer. In the past 18 months, he has been trusted to warm up the dance floors for some of the world’s top touring DJs. Andrew’s dance floor wisdom can clearly be heard in his original productions. Using his experience as a DJ to inspire and motivate, he puts an emphasis on insistent grooves and intriguing atmospheres. 

Beatport Exclusive : 19.06.2017

Harri Angel - Epirus EP

Music connects people and cultures as there are no borders. Hotworx presents electronica fusing with traditional Balkan sounds and Desert eastern instruments. In this premiere presentation deep ethnic feelings pop out in every track to remind us that the world as also music in it is united as one. Harri Agnel's sound heads from his 20 year old career in producing electronic music and his Greek origin mixed in those 2 Desert House tracks.

Jazzuelle - Circles LP

One of South Africa’s hottest production names, Jazzuelle steps up for the release of his debut LP on Germany’s Get Physical Music. The super talented artist was a highlight on the recent ‘Africa Gets Physical’ compilation and has built a solid reputation with releases on Atjazz and Lazy Days amongst others. 

Already one of the most sought after South African artists of the moment, Jazzuelle has his own distinctive sound: it is deep house with narcotic vibes, soul infused synths and earthy grooves. He has played them all over the world from Sonar to Glastonbury, had them make Traxsource’s Top Tracks feature at the end of 2015 (where he was also voted in the top 100 Deep House Djs) and licensed them to Atjazz and Phat Elephant amongst others. With DJ fans including the likes of Dixon and Osunlade, he is already well established with those in the know. 

Says the artist. “Circles showcases a number of things and runs through many emotions, my ex- periences, interactions etc. writing it was very challenging for me, i was going through quite a lot of things personally and career wise. Beginning the idea of an album and conceptualising it as a whole kinda overwhelmed me but I had to take it by the horns and ride it. Doing something new and unpredictable was also very challenging. I had a clear mission: Release forward-thinking, urban soul music. I didn't want to pigeon hole myself while doing this, it meant much more to me, it was about telling my story.” 

This album finds him linking with a fine array of guests from Da Capo to Charles Webster, Fred Everything to Matthias Voigt, plus two great vocalists, and they all help make this 14 track affair one of the year’s most accomplished and emotional house albums. 

Kicking off with a soothing and beatless vocal lullaby, gentle drums join the fray but keep things firmly horizontal on ‘Fall Into You’. Boasting exquisite chords and golden late night synths, it’s a majestically musical track that sets a jazzy, lounge-y vibe that continues throughout. While title track ‘Circles’ is a warm roller with angelic vocals, tracks like ‘Music of the Spheres’ get a little more upbeat thanks to rubbery drums, squelchy claps and gluey synths that all ooze from the speakers. 
Staying classy and composed throughout, ‘RX J153’ shows off Jazzuelle’s ability to masterfully arrange numerous orchestral sounds into a swooping bit of late night electronica and ‘Dancing With Dragons’ offers a playful, sun kissed sound. The pace across the album is well balanced with real ebbs and flows across zoned out cuts like ‘Towers’ and ‘Adaptation’ before ending on blissfully organic and romantic deep house slow burner ‘Narnia’. 

This album showcases Jazzuelle’s fantastic signature sound and truly resonates way beyond the dancefloor. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Mephia feat Rescue Poetxi - Fragments Remixes

Mephia is back on Sunclock with new explosive remixes of 'Fragments Of Your Love'. An amazing package that contain a lot of great new versions that you'll enjoy for sure!Abicah Soul mix is a deep interpretation. Moody background and house rhythmics are accompanied by a smart use of pad melodies and chords. The voice is simply sublime. Made to rock the dance floor!

Berliner Bobby Starrr’s version finds its peculiarity in the smart combination of classic elements and futuristic view. Synthesizers, keyboards and bassline are warm and lovely match with the vocalparts. A solid groove for warm ups and early morning sets … Trippy !!!

Dj Vivona’s Mix is a long and massive journey . The introspective and dark development will guide the listener to hypnosis. Piano melodies give a sweet touch and make it all very pleasant. A great middle track!

Mr ThruouT Mix is an instrumental version and as such is very well built . The original motif is enriched by a sick slap bass line and an endearing use of keyboards and synthesizers. Rhythmics are winning as well. Born to be an hit!

Fission J Carbon Mix is the proof on how South African scene is actually the number one for Afro House. Aesthetic and graceful, this mix will give you the power to excite the dance floor bringing emotion on it. 

Frank Williams mix crosses indefinite atmospheres, the voice editing is stunning, the arpeggio with pads and keys creates a gray area where you can get lost… Lovely bass line and afro influences as well.

King Beku mix is an Afro Lounge version. The E-Piano chords are masterly. Refined melodies and sweet synthesizers are the perfect environment for a delicate groove .

Ion Phase Mix could be categorized as Electronic, but the influences are several. You will be taken by the eclectic choice of sounds and the particular processing of them, almost borderline! A little vein of Trip Hop with a marked dub imprint can be heard in this remix. 

Have a good trip!