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Monday, 20 March 2017

Bombay​ ​Traffic - Spotlight

Recently appearing on the mighty Kittball with 'Roll Jordan', the Berlin based duo Bombay​ ​Traffic are back serving up a solid spicy tune titled Spotlight. 
The talented duo is not alone on this journey, Smiley Fingers Label boss Larry Cadge delivers a killer remix for late night action, cutting the vocal into snippets and working around the infectious bassline with his own crispy hi-hats and rolling drum grooves.

Eddy Romero - Infusion EP

Remixes by Aaron Jacobs, Brad Hart, Niccolo Vencedor

After the remix he did to label boss Mikel Gil we wanted to have the Spanish artist in our label and finally here we are Eddy Romero is back to the Lonely Owl. Two deep tracks with his personal touch acompanied by 3 excelent remixes by Aaron Jacobs , Brad Hart and Niccolo Vencedor. Each remix in them way and them style starting from another deep one by Aaron and going up to the dancefloor with Brad Hart to end with the Techno remix of Niccolo. This partnership betwen both continents has end in a very good release that we hope is in the likes of all of you. 
For more info please visit: Mastered at Soundvision Mastering: 

Release date: April 10th 2017 Beatport Exclusive 

Processing Vessel - With You

We’re so excited to present this massive release from Processing Vessel with amazing remixes from Allan Zax, Jero Nouges, Zaven, Phasen and Deepbreath!

The Original track 'With You' is a decidedly delicate and emotional track featuring beautiful vocals and lush chords sprinkled throughout.

The first remix comes from ZaVen, which has a very unique beat and bassline, creating a playful and eccentric vibe. Decidedly deep, yet more upbeat than the original.

The Jero Nougues Remix is a more driving track building on a bouncy bassline, luscious synths and larger than life reverb vocals.

Phasen chimes in with a dubbier, darker and deeper remix. His melodic tendencies and dark sound effects all combine to create a very atmospheric and moody remix.

The Deepbreath remix by contrast is a lighter and more upbeat version of the original, perfect for sunset mixes. Well placed percussion hits, strings and warm chords create a delightful remix.

Last but certainly not least, the Allan Zax remix has a more progressive vibe, with a driving bassline sure to life the spirit on the dance-floor. He introduces an addictive melody halfway through the track to create an almost perfect remix.

All in all we are sure that this super release will have something for everyone!

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One Love,


Lukas Lyrestam - Cantcry EP

Politicised bangers for a disconnected youth ‘CH004’ is three times lo-fi chuggers nostalgic for the days of fact-checking and reckless abandon. Ricocheting through social media echo-chambers and tumblrverses alike these free dusty throwbacks harken to the days of 2009 when xenophobia was out and inclusivity was king.

Usmev feat Camilla Luna - A Reason To Dance

You'll Find Your Reason To Dance feat. Camilla Luna
You'll Find Your Reason To Dance feat. Camilla Luna (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
Maybe This Is Love feat. Camilla Luna

On the latest Bogota Records release, longtime label collaborator Usmev joins forces with vocalist Camilla Luna for an evocative two-tracker that also features an upfront remix by none other than Johnny Fiasco. A conservatory-trained pianist and guitarist, Usmev is no stranger to Bogota having appeared on the imprint’s debut release, ‘Themes’. Uruguayan-Norwegian vocalist Camilla Luna is known as one-half of Luna & Bazis on WahWah45s and vocalist for Trulz & Robin’s releases on Eskimo and Dance Disorder’s “Metallic Italic” (Bpitch Control). With “You’ll Find Your Reason To Dance” Camilla is heard for the first time on Bogota, accompanying the warm, deep house tones found in Usmev’s production. The sound is underground and somewhat cavernous, imagining hazy late nights and dreamy excursions. Camilla’s vocals are layered and effected, simultaneously soulful and enigmatic. The b-side, “Maybe This Is Love”, is a comparatively uptempo affair with a more refined drum track and vocal line in the midst of shimmering chords. Camilla’s vocal performance is especially intoxicating here. As a bonus, Chicago legend Johnny Fiasco is on board with another in his stream of masterfully club-primed remixes (and his second for Bogota Records). “You’ll Find Your Reason To Dance” is given extra momentum, as the bass line is moved the fore and the rhythm track gets a dose of Chi-town floor funk. These three cuts continue Bogota Records’ run of distinctive high-quality singles. 

Label and Artist Links:

Amyi - Umbra Neagra

Since his first years of life, Amyi had a strong connection with music due to his father's piano skills. Listening to the emotional way of the notes played by his father, he developed an easy way to recogize sounds and use them by his please. At the age of 12 he began scrambling sounds but not in the professional way. He mixes with the producing world by the age of 15 playing also in several clubs in his hometown. Since then he evolved in his productions and remixes attacking genres like house, deep house, tech house but in his own emotional and unique way.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Dana Ruh - The Solution EP

Just Jack are back again with 4 tracks of dopeness, courtesy of Cocoon's first lady - Dana Ruh. 
On the A side, Dana provides 3 cuts, of deep, dreamy house. 
Whilst on the flip - Chicago's, Steven Tang steps up on remix duties under his 'Obsolete Music Technology' moniker, Tang's squelchy acid remix is only available on wax!

Helly Larson - Track Of Light EP

Frequent Lucidflow guest Helly Larson returns for release #128 with 'Track Of Light'. If you've not checked in on the Berlin based producer to date, then pause in your tracks and make this the first stop. Offering pure petrichor vibes, this is a strong one cover to cover.

Kicking off with 'Feel It In Your Soul', the faint analogue hiss in the background paints a canvas of a light springtime shower. A sole chord plays on every bar while a vocal loses itself drenched in delay and reverb. Following this, 'Track Of Light' executes groove mentality perfectly. Its wriggly bassline weaves its way through swinging beats, letting a twanging melody work its magic over the top as wind rushes drive intensity in all the right places.

Edging the tempo down ever so slightly, 'The Way Of The Deep' cleverly plays off a dub phrase in each ear, before a third takes centre stage over the main break. The varying degrees of echo tickle the senses beautifully. Finally 'Deep Water' bookends the release perfectly, mirroring the gentle drizzly hiss of the opener, the single chord and rippling dub notes. A familiar re-treading that has a more minor sense of reflection befitting its place in the position of closer.

Coming early to Beatport on 13th March, this will be available with wider circulation on 24th April.

X Gets The Crest - What Ya Gonna Do?

X Gets the Crest returns for his third release on Delve Deeper with the Disco-tinged Vocal House of What Ya Gonna Do? Filter loops, cutting analogue synths and infectious harmonised vocals combine to create a track rebooted from Studio 54 for the modern peak-time dancefloors. Fast-rising Icelandic producer Intr0beatz provides ups the pace in his remix with vocal cuts, wobbly synths and driving kicks keeping the vibe of the original whilst raising the energy.

Delve Deeper Recordings Online:

X Gets The Crest Online:

Intr0beatz Online:

Hideo Kobayashi - Shiroi Mayu

Date : 2017-03-13

For the first release of 2017, Fuente Music digs deep into the prolific vaults of Hideo Kobayashi once again to reissue one of its prized possessions, Shiroi Mayu.

A melancholic, balearic guitar-tinged, west coast deep house styled track that first came out of Harley & Muscle’s Milanese label, Soul-
star Records in 2006 with mixes by Cortes, Harley & Muscle and Yellow Diamond who is none other than Hideo himself.

The original track was produced in 2005. It was at a time when Hideo was still living in San Francisco, breathing and living the thriving west coast house scene. While living in the Bay Area, he wanted to create a track that beautifully expresses a song sung in Japanese with west coast deep house vibes, an unlikely combination at the time.
So, he asked Japanese Jazz singer, Tomoko Miwa to sing Shiroi Mayu. Arguably, it is one of Hideo’s stone cold classics where it proved to be quite pop- ular with the inclusion in, not only his own Mix CD, SPiN: San Francisco but also in a to- tal of an astonishing 14 various Ibiza-themed, lounge and fashion related compilations and Mix CDs.

For this reissue, by utilizing his mixing prowess, Hideo has beefed up and updated the sound of the original, Shiroi Mayu considerably for further dancefloor damage as well as produced a new, more techy & urban Piano Mix version. As titled, the piano rolls are reminiscent of one of Hideo’s favorite keyboardist, Eric Kupper’s playing in many classic Def Mix productions. Combining that with some seriously chunky uplifting beats, this Piano mix sets Tomoko’s melancholic vocals to soar into the urban twilight

Notes by Ken Hidaka
ArtWork by Kento Tanaka

1. Shiroi Mayu (Piano Mix)
2. Shiroi Mayu (Remastered)

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